Monday, May 31, 2010

VOTE for the one that moves you!

Now is your chance to VOTE for the 2010 T-Shirt you want to wear on Run Day! Every vote counts so vote away! But Hurry because voting ends in just 7 days! June 7th 2010!

It was actually a hard choice for me this year. Last year I found it easy to pick a design I liked, I went for the Hope ( for participants ) and Courage ( for survivors )...
This year all the designs are really great. This is the first year since I have been voting that I have seen the option of having both the participants and survivor shirts the same design. Incase you don't know, Participant shirts are White and Survivor shirts are pink !

So how do you decide, do you just go for what you would want on a shirt? As a run director, I also think about which shirts would look great in the photos! After all I think our run site has the most amazing Photographers, who capture beautiful memories of the day! I also think about the message... And keeping the participant and survivors somewhat matching each other! Anyway, that's just my thought process....

I really like the words once again.... Cure for the Participants and Live for the Survivors... On the other hand I think the Tree of Hope is kind of neat too, as well as the pink ribbon with the graphics around it. The only one I am not a huge fan of is the last lined ribbon with 2010 on it.

Which shirts did you vote for?

A new month is just about to start, think about squeezing those lemons soon....


  1. I voted for Cure for the Participants and Live for the Survivors....

  2. I voted the same. The shirts will be beautiful either way!