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Who are you running for? Pt. 2.....

At the start of May I posted a blog, "who are you running for?" in which I shared the answer to two questions I had asked our committee members, in that blog you heard from Barb White, Jenn Lavers, Michelle Federer, Katrine McCarl and Amanda Barron... Now let's hear from a few more members of the Collingwood Run Site Committee....

To recap; I asked two questions of my committee, Who are you running for? and Why are you involved in the run?

Here is what a few more had to say....

Michele Smeh - Co-Community OutReach Coordinator
Q: Who are you running for?
A:Well....I can honestly say, I am running for myself and for all of the amazing women I have been honoured to have met thru this strange journey.....
Q: Why are you involved in the run?
A : I joined the committee this year because you asked me Jen. I honestly can say, I wouldn't have asked to join on my own...sometimes we all just need a little "push". Last year as you know was the first time I spoke publicly about my journey and I was ready finally after 4-1/2 years so when you approached me about being part of the run this year, it was a no brainer. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I still want to push everything to the back of my mind and forget it ever happened but then I come back to reality and realize it's part of who I am now and it's a part of my life, whether I want it to be or not so I might as well deal with it and for me, sharing my story and talking to others helps me. Plus, I just get frustrated..it seems every time I talk to someone new, they tell me of another story, another woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It's everywhere it seems. I also get frustrated when I realize I don't qualify for anymore life insurance or work benefits...at the age of 33, who would think this is something you have to worry about in the least?!? I'm a very positive person but there are days when I feel "it comes back to haunt me"! My diagnosis 4-1/2 years ago seems like an eternity....I am just waiting for September to roll around this year so I can hit that 5 year mark! Once 5 years comes around, I only have to go back to the Oncology dept once a year as opposed to three times a year...I can re-apply for life insurance again to see if I qualify....it's strange the things I think about and worry about when all of my other friends and family are worrying about the "normal things"...whatever that is! Did you know that being a carrier of the BRCA1 gene means I have a 50/50 chance of passing it on to my children? Do you take that chance and have a child? So many questions......so that's why I am in involved and I am grateful that you asked me. I can honestly say I don't know how "ready" I am to get up there and speak to everyone in the community, but I am going to try!!

Avalon Molloy - Registration Coordinator
Q: Who are you running for?
A: I am running for my Grandma who conquered breast cancer the first time. I am also running for my Mom who has already had surgery to remove benign lumps. That's why my mom and sister came to do the run with me last year. I run so that if a family becomes affected by the disease, they won't feel so scared for a cure is on it's way through the wonderful help of everyone who runs.
Q : Why are you involved in the run?
A: I joined the Run Committee last year as a way to meet people and get to know the new community that I had just moved to. What I have learned from last year is that this is a community that CARES and am proud to be involved in the Collingwood run site.

Steph McLarty - Media Coordinator
Q: Who are you running for?
A: I am running and working on this committee for my grandmother who battled the disease for many years. I am running for anyone touched by this disease - the many friends, family members and ordinary people who deal with extraordinary obstacles. My heart is with them and I want to play an active part in the fight to help conquer cancer.
Q: Why are you involved in the run?
A: Jen asked me to help and how could I say no?

Myself - Jennifer Nichol - Co-Run Director
Q: Who are you running for?
A: I am running in general for all women. But esp. for those in my life that could be touched by this or have been. For a future not only free of Breast Cancer but of all cancers! A future where my daughters can grow up and not fear the word cancer!
Q: Why are you involved in the run?
A: I lost my father to cancer in 2003. My oldest daughter was just 5 weeks old at the time. That following fall I heard about the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure in Collingwood. It was the first year, I put a together a team from my families business, Team " Simpson & Co. Insurance"... I put the team in again the following year. Then in 2006 after the birth of my second daughter we switched the team to a family & friends teams and renamed it "Boobalicious!" In late 2008 after the run I got a message from the Team Coordinator Shelby Worts, the Run Director Laura Woodhouse was deciding to move on to other things and Shelby and Laura wanted to meet with me about taking on the role, you see I had had all these big ideas that I kept sharing with Shelby leading up to the run on ways to raise money. My husband and I joke now, because he told me to stop sharing all the ideas or they were going to ask me to help out... lol.... Guess he was right. The reason I agreed to take on the role when Shelby & Laura asked, simple, I told myself that if I did my part to help create a future free from cancer, karma would do it's part and keep cancer from coming near my family... Cancer took my grandfather before I was born, he was just 54 yrs. old, my father 4 days shy of his 56 birthday and my Aunt is a Survivor of Breast Cancer.
I want to be able to live and for my daughters to grow up without fearing the word cancer!

Todd Elsley - Route/Site Coordinator
Q: Who are you running for?
A: Awareness of a great fundraiser and for my favorite Aunt Grace who is a survivor.
Q: Why are you involved in the run?
A: It's great to work with and contribute to this amazing "Run for the Cure" committee. I also have been challenged my aunt "Grace Eisen" (survivor) to
make BIG changes with only SMALL beginnings. I can only hope my small steps help.

Jason Ruttan - Co-Run Director
Q: Who are you running for?
A: The simple answer is that I run for all women, however honestly speaking I start that thought process my thinking about my own mom, my sister, grandmothers, and think into the future for potentially my own daughter one day. Further more breast cancer does not only select by gender or age and therefore I also run in hope to help all of those who have been, who are, and who will be affected by this terrifying cancer.

Q: Why are you involved in the Run?
A: Over the past 6 years I have been fortunate enough to be working for RE/MAX and through our corporate ties at a national level I was thankfully made aware of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and our long standing connection between the two organizations. Additionally for many years before and after this introduction my Mother’s constant dedication to supporting this cause and others was a positive influence on me to get involved with charities to help make a difference and give back to the community. When I was approached to be involved with the CIBC Run for the Cure I recognized the importance of the run and its roll in our community and after little consideration to assess what time I would be able to dedicate I committed myself to this great cause and inspirational run site. A year and half later I am very proud to be a small part of, and enjoy working with, the Collingwood CIBC Run for the Cure committee and particularly admire my co-run director Jennifer Nichol for her immense dedication, energy and time she puts forth to help the committee and run site achieve our goals.

We also want to hear from you! Who are you running for, leave a comment and let us know!

Stay tuned, for part 3 of Who are you running for? when you will hear from the last 2 members of our committee.... David & Danielle....

Do you know your lemons? Would you know if they felt different? Squeeze away and get to know them!

( Photo once again provided by local run site sponsors Isis Photography, taken at the 2009 Run )

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