Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Creating your team....

Creating your team is fun and easy. First things first, the all important team name! What will it be, a fun name ( like my team Boobalicious ) , a name in honour of a loved one ( like Team Coordinator Michelle Federer's team Sandra's Squad ), the name of your business ( like my Co-Run Director's Jason Ruttan's team Re/Max ) , it's up to you and that's part of the fun!

Maybe your stuck coming up with a team name... Be sure to check our next blog post by Media Coordinator Steph McLarty for tips on how to come up with that all important team name!!!

Once you have decided on that all important team name, you are good to go, and your going to want to register your team soon so that no one else gets that name! ( Just incase ) When registering your team, there are a few different categories for you to decide from, will it be a Corporate team, A Women's team, A School team, Or a Family & Friends team? Ready to register now? Click here!

Now that you have that out of the way and your team is registered, you now need to SPICE THINGS UP! This is a VERY important step.... There are lots of great tools now on the new website. Upload a picture on both the team page and your own personal donation page. Leave a message, tell people about why you are doing this, what is your connection to the cause? Like I said, this is important, so that when you are asking people to donate they see your page and feel connected, it's not just the standard picture the foundation provides, you have actually taken a few mins to create your page!
After that it's time to build your team! Send out emails right from the website asking people to join your team! Keep in mind that in order to get that team name on the back of your shirts, you need 10 team members by mid September and each team member needs to have either paid the $40 registration fee or have raised the $150 to have the fee waved.

Your all set now. You have your team registered, you have personalized your donation and team pages, and have sent out invites to join your team! What's next?
Well you can start training to run or walk the 5km.... And of course it's time to ......

Get Ready, Get Set, Get FUNDRAISING....
Stay tuned to the blog for a future post on Fundraising tips from some of our top fundraisers... Or if you want to be included in the future post, please leave a comment on some of your fundraising tips... Thanks and Good luck!

When's the next time you are set to squeeze those lemons?

( A little side note... Don't forget the top team in each of the categories wins an award! Good luck! )

( Photo in this post was taken and provided by local run site sponsors Richard & Christa Galloway of Isis Photography photo is of team CIBC at the 2008 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure Collingwood Run Site )

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