Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pick A Winner!

When it comes to my breasts, I don't often give them a second thought. I am reminded of them daily, yet, I am thinking about my breasts and my body in a new & different way especially now that I am working as a volunteer for the 2010 Run For The Cure. And, I've been part of teams in the past, however, now, it's my turn. I am preparing to register my first team - and I need to come up with the perfect team name as I believe it will set the tone, keep pace with the other established teams and set the bar to help raise funds and awareness for breast health and cancer. It's crunch time. Pressure's on. And, quite frankly, I need help!

Despite the fact that I am truly digging this new boob love I have going on, what I'm really loving is all the positive, inspiring and fun ways I'm looking at the (original) two ladies in my life. They are new again to me and I find myself with a whole new calibre of 'boob junkies' and it's for the best cause going. I need to make the other ladies (and men) in my life proud. I need to come up with a name that works, rather competes, with all the other great teams out there, to get everyone working hard & having some serious fun preparing for October 3rd.

Take Freshly Squeezed for example. Jen Nichol and I needed to come up with something catchy. Something fun, energetic, fresh. And, then, lemons appeared and we haven't looked back. We have her sister in design and a Breast Cancer poster to thank. A few other names we considered were Titty Talk, The Breast Blog, Big or Small - Save Them All, Positively Pink, Boobs, Sweat and Tears (a good second choice, I must admit), Walk Your Buns Off For Boobs....all great suggestions, however, we needed to select a name that best represented the committee, the run and all of the work & effort of those involved. So, after careful and structured analysis (Ok, it wasn't careful or structured, it was all gut), we couldn't resist the Freshly Squeezed name - it spoke to us and we followed the instinct.
I went back to Jen to ponder how other teams came up with their names. Her reply: Team Captain Mary Worry of The Highlights told us that she and friend and fellow team mate Emily Garback decided to call their "Women's Team" The Highlights because each woman, be it a Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, or Daughter is the highlight to her family. What a great name and a great honour to women! ( In '09 The Highlights won the award for Top Women's team! Congratulations Ladies! ) Team Captain Michelle Cloutier of BOOBITRONS told us that all she did was all of of her girls to come up with a name. They wanted to have BOOB of Breast in the name and they wanted it to be strong and simple, BOOBITRONS reminded them of Austin Powers and robot girls. So they became BOOBITRONS...Amazing stories - amazing names. They - and I mean all the current & past teams out there - are a tough act to follow.

Thankfully, Jen sent a bunch of photos and I loved these team names as well: Sandra's Squad, Rita's Bosom Buddies and The Hazellnuts.
You can tell from the above the type of pressure that I feel I am under. Even Drew Wright's show last year - which I was reminded of recently - The Breast Night Ever - makes me want to be even more creative. I need to be. I just have to make a decision - and get my name/team registered and get people fired up, participating and gearing up for another great Run For the Cure!

After a friend came over for a glass of wine (or two or three?), we had a wonderfully silly conversation followed by my resorting to searching "other names for breasts" on google (most of which I am not at liberty to share due to the x-rated content and this being a 'family show').
After all is said & done, I managed to come up with my top 10:

1. Steph's Breasts In Show
2. The MacDaddy's Booby Train - hmm
3. Boob's Your Uncle, Run With Steph
4. Steph's Original Ladies
5. Steph's Big Bazookas
6. Get Your Bazooms On
7. Stephie's Carumbas
8. The Pontoons for Change
9. Sanks's Chesticles of Fury
10. Steph's Chi-Chis for a Cause

So, now what? I'm asking for your help. Vote for which one you like best and I'll be eternally grateful. Now, give those two lemons, or ladies, or boobies, or jugs, or canteloupes, or twin peaks, or missiles, or racks, or wobblers, or melons, or orbs, or hooters, or milk cans, or, the list goes on and on and on - a good, healthy squeeze and get geared up for a great run day October 3rd. May the boobs be with you.

( Photo's of Sandra's Squad, Rita's Bosom Buddies and The Hazellnuts taken by Isis Photography at the 2009 CIBC Run for the Cure. )

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  1. Steph,
    I vote for #2 The MacDaddy's Booby Train! Your team could probably have a lot of fun with this one, both men and women. But that's just my vote! Good luck with picking the name!