Monday, February 21, 2011

You were Stomping Out Breast Cancer one snowshoe step at a time!

THANK YOU! We can not thank you enough for you understanding and you support this weekend!
Please check out this incredible slideshow of photo's by our extremely talented sponsor Isis Photography.
I will blog all the results of the event yesterday shortly. But for today, enjoy your family day holiday and know that yesterday you made such a huge difference in lives of so many, STOMPING out breast cancer one snowshoe step at a time!

Don't forget to squeeze your lemons ladies!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Event has been rescheduled!!!!

Due to the severe weather condition we are experiencing today, we have regrettably canceled today's Romp to Stomp event. We have rescheduled the event to February 20th (Sun) with the same event schedule (11am start).For inquiries, please email us at
In case of emergency, please call 705-441-2910.

Tubbs Romp To Stomp Team

Lastest Update on Today's ROMP

As of 7:00am this morning everything is set to go as planned!
Wind are slowly starting to die down now!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Some very exciting news today! For all of the participants of the 4th Annual Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series that raise $50 or more in donations for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, your name will be entered into a draw for an incredible prize from Tubbs!

It's as easy as getting 2 $25 donations, or 5 $10 donations!

Together we will be stomping out breast cancer! Happy "fun"draising everyone!

Online donations have been extended to Feb 18th at 8pm!

**Please note: In order to collect online donations, you will have to
click on this link and ‘register’ to fundraise with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We appreciate all of your hard work & support!

Squeeze Your lemons at least once a month!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hear it from a Toronto Argonaut! SQUEEZE YOUR LEMONS!

You've heard it from Rockstars, the cast and crew of the hit TV show One Tree Hill, now hear it from Canadian Football League Offensive Lineman and founder of Life on the Line, Toronto Argonauts #65 Taylor Robertson! Taylor is not only inviting you to join us at the 4th Annual Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series, but he is also reminding you ladies to SQUEEZE YOUR LEMONS!

How well do you know your lemons ? Get to know them, SQUEEZE your lemons, knowing your lemons could save your life!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HUGE savings on Tubbs Snowshoes!

Squire John's will be on site on Saturday helping those who need some demo's get ready to Stomp out breast cancer!

Not only that, but after the event Squire's will be selling all the demo's! Yes, there will be HUGE savings on a pair of Tubbs Snowshoes!

Adults Snowshoes will be just $100. while Childrens will be just $50!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday as we join together to STOMP out breast cancer one snowshoe step at a time!

Tell someone else today to start squeezing their lemons ! You might just save someone else's life!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Suzie McNeil & Lemonade....

So tonight I went down to the old Gayety Theatre in Collingwood to watch Suzie McNeil in concert! I watched ( and voted for ) Suzie on Rockstar INXS, so I got tickets right away when I heard Suzie was coming to Collingwood. I got to meet Suzie after her AMAZING show. If you haven't seen Suzie live, you are missing out!
Suzie sends a special message to Collingwood for all the hard work you put in raising money for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, via the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure here as well as the Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series! Enjoy!

HUGE thanks to Suzie for taking time and doing the video with me!

Ladies when was the last time you made lemonade ? ;)

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's because of YOU, so THANK YOU!

As we approach the 4th Annual Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series, we are all getting very excited to see everyone next weekend. Here is a special message to YOU the participants and fundraisers from Lauren Howard of Tubbs Snowshoes! It is because of all of our participants, fundraisers, sponsors, donors and volunteers that the Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer has been such a huge success! THANK YOU!

Check back often over the next week for lots of fun and exciting details as well as some important information about next weeks event! See you soon!

Take care of your lemons ! Remember to squeeze them!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This Friday February 11th starting at 7pm.... Come ROMP the CASBAH!

From 7pm-11pm in support of the Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series, come out for fresh Mexican food 25% off from 7pm-9pm, fabulous drinks including a feature PINK ROMP-TINI ( with proceeds from the Romp-tini going to the cause ), fantastic prizes, and taking the Casbah stage for the first time from 9pm-2am, Drew Wright of Fall and Divide along with the Tent City Projectiles!

We hope to see you Friday night as we ROMP the CASBAH!

SQUEEZE YOUR lemons!!!

( Casbah is located at 18 Huron Street in Collingwood )

Friday, February 4, 2011

We all have a reason to STOMP... What is yours?

On Saturday February 19th 2011, hundreds of people will come together with the same purpose, To STOMP out breast cancer one snowshoe step at a time.
But we all have different reasons why.....

What is your reason?

"To show cancer that it won't get the best of me, I WILL, along with many others, STOMP it into oblivion!!!" - Margaret Stuart - Breast Cancer Survivor and member of team Breast of Friends.

"So another young child doesn't have to lose their mom to breast cancer at such a young age." - Taylor Robertson, Toronto Argonauts offensive lineman & Founder of Life On The Line.

"We all need to take a step forward for our families, our friends and our children.. I choose to make that step a STOMP!" - Michelle Liotta, team member of Cameron Comets.

"I want my daughters to be able to grow up in a world where they don't have to fear cancer!" - Jennifer Nichol - Social Media & Event Coordinator for the Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer snowshoe series & Volunteer Run Director for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure.

What is your reason? We want to hear from you as well, so post a comment below.....

Your never too young to start squeezing your lemons !

( photo was taken at the 2010 Tubbs Romp to Stomp by John Knox Photography )

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pink it up! Get Creative!

As you being to plan for the Tubbs Romp to Stomp. What time you will leave your house or hotel to be there, where your going to meet, who you may be meeting up with, what your going to wear....Wait,


!! Head over to Balloon Expressions in Collingwood and meet up with Melissa & the staff there, they have lots of pink stuff for you to outfit yourselves in! From hats to wigs to boas, and the list goes on, they would be more then happy to outfit your PINK needs! Be creative, we love giving away prizes and you never know what we will be giving them away for.... Could there be a prize for the best dressed / most creative outfit? Well you just never know! Better to come prepared right!

Balloon Expressions is located at 210 Hurontario St. in Collingwood.

Knowing your lemons, it might just save your life! How well do you know your? Get to know them, SQUEEZE your lemons !