About Me

Hey Everyone, 
Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in Freshly Squeezed, and if you're on this page, then an interest in who I am as well!
My name is Jennifer Nichol ‘Jen’. I have an incredible husband and we have two amazing and beautiful daughters.  Being born and raised in a wonderful town & community surrounded by ski hills on one side and a bay on the other, I wouldn’t even consider raising my children anywhere else!
My most important jobs are of course being a wife & mother.  But 4 years ago I took on another role.  Volunteer Run Director for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure at the Collingwood run site.
In 2003 I lost my father to cancer ( Multiple Myeloma ) he was 4 days shy of his 56th birthday, my oldest daughter was just 5 weeks old.  Within just over a month I had experience both the happiest day of my life and the sadist.  My world would be forever change.  I decided that I needed to do my part in the fight against cancer.  Not only had it taken my father from me, but 29 year before that my grandfather died from cancer ( it was 5 years before I was born, so I never knew him ), and one of my Aunts is a breast cancer Survivor.  So needless to say cancer has touched my family more times then I would like.
So in 2008 when I was asked to take over the role of Volunteer Run Director for the Run for the Cure I decided this was my chance to help.  I made a deal with myself so to speak, that maybe if I did my part that cancer would leave my family alone, and so that’s what I have been doing ever since!  I have also helped with the ReMax Breast Cancer Ski Day for 2 years and more recently the Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series.
I have an enormous passion for fundraising for a future without cancer.  Even just ‘FUN’draising for great causes!  Since taking on role of volunteer Run Director for the Run for the Cure I have been incredibly humbled and honoured to receive an award as well as nominations.  In 2009 I was awarded the 2009 New Run Director Award from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Ontario Region, I was also named a Grass Roots Hero by On The Bay Magazine in the winter of 2009, and have just recently found out that I have been nominated for two awards this year with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Ontario Region, the Erin McBride Leadership Award for Returning Run Directors as well as the Outstanding Volunteer Award.  An incredible honour.
Who would have thought 4 years ago that just by saying ‘yes’ to this role that it would impact my life the way it has.  I now eat, sleep & breathe ‘FUN’draising!  I have an endless amount of ideas, and a belief that people really do want to help they just need to be asked, so don’t be scared to ask the question, no matter how much of a long shot it is,  if you don’t ask the answer is already no.  So take a chance.
I hope you will join us in creating a future without breast cancer.
Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to squeeze your  lemons !