About the CBCF

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is the leading national volunteer-based organization in Canada dedicated to creating a future without breast cancer.
Established in 1986 by a dedicated group of volunteers, the Foundation works collaboratively to fund, support and advocate for:
  • Relevant and innovative research,
  • Meaningful education and awareness programs,
  • Early diagnosis and effective treatment
  • A positive quality of life for those living with breast cancer.
Our fundraising – through our annual Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure, special events, corporate sponsorship and donations – has enabled the Foundation to allocate millions of dollars in grants for breast cancer projects and services since our inception.
Addressing the needs of Canadians from coast to coast, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has regional offices in British Columbia/Yukon Territory, Prairies/NWT, Ontario and the Atlantic Region. The Foundation’s central office is located in Toronto.

Our investments are made with a strategic focus on the impact on the lives of those most affected by breast cancer, including improving women’s quality of life and increasing knowledge about breast cancer risk reduction and treatment.
The Foundation supports high-quality research in all areas including education and prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and after-care supports. We direct additional dollars to the cause through work in the areas of health promotion, community engagement, volunteer development, and advocacy.
Individuals and organizations who have received grants from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation are working to:
  • Better understand the environmental, lifestyle and genetic links to breast cancer including why the disease may occur, and how the risk of developing breast cancer might be reduced.
  • Improve diagnostic techniques and better support women at the time of diagnosis.
  • Promote participation in breast screening through regular mammograms and reduce barriers to screening with the goal of having more eligible women participate in organized screening programs.
  • Develop more effective treatments that respond to individual needs.
  • Explore learning opportunities that will improve the quality of tomorrow’s breast cancer care clinicians and support specialized areas of practice.
  • Reduce the burden of breast cancer by exploring how the disease affects people’s lives and how their needs can be better met.
  • Better understand the biology of breast cancer: how it develops, grows and spreads and what can be done to counter the natural progression of the disease.
In addition to the research grants funded by the Foundation directly, additional research investments are made through the Foundation’s funding partnership with the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance, a unique coalition of public, private and non-profit organizations funding breast cancer research in Canada.

Through pooled resources, CBCRA allocates funding to a broad spectrum of breast cancer research. The Foundation’s involvement in CBCRA complements the research grants it funds directly by supporting larger studies conducted over a longer period of time.

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In keeping with its grassroots beginnings, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation continues to benefit from the support of thousands of volunteers across the country. Volunteers are the backbone of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and they dedicate endless hours to help the Foundation in its work. Volunteers take on all kinds of roles: Board members and committee members; special event coordinators; grant review panelists; professional advisors; major gifts fundraisers; Run Directors with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure, and administrative support.
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For more information about the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation visit their website at www.cbcf.org