Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And the Winner Is....

So the verdict is in.
Remember a little while back I wrote about picking a winning team name. One that sets the tone and the boob bar until run day, October 3rd? Well, after much debate and input from faithful friends - it's finally DONE. I thank everyone for their time & suggestions in my breast name quest - and truly for providing some very fun correspondence!

To recap: I came up with 10 possible team names:
Steph's Breasts In Show
The MacDaddy's Booby Train - hmm
Boob's Your Uncle, Run With Steph
Steph's Original Ladies
Steph's Big Bazookas
Get Your Bazooms On
Stephie's Carumbas
Steph's Boobs of Fury
The Pontoons
Chesticles of Fury
Chi-Chis for a Cause
MacDaddy's Gazongas
Some were funnier than others. Some didn't quite register and, heck, I didn't understand a few. But, after reaching out for help, I did get an email from one of my closest buddies. He suggested three winning choices: twin peaks, the rib pillows or the pointer sisters. How could I go back to my original 10 with these three instant classics? They were so good. So, the search became 3. And then there was 1.

So, drum roll please

The winner is

Steph's Pointer Sisters

It works, It's direct. It's too the point. Dare I say it, I'm so exited and I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and....I think I like it. OK, I took that a little far. I apologize. But, isn't that what the Run is all about - getting excited; supporting a great cause; and being motivated to help in any way you can?!?

I am happy to report I have registered my team proudly. I have 6 confirmed teammates and I am looking for a few more. Let the fundraising begin and be sure to be on the look out for my Pointer Sisters on Sunday, October 3rd!

And, give those lemons a good, healthy squeeze.


Stay tuned to Freshly Squeezed - we have lots of fresh ideas for a FABULOUS RUN day on Sunday, October 3rd!

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  1. Great name Steph! Best of luck building your team and fundraising for 2010! :)