Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2011 was an incredible year for many reasons, some personal highlights for me ( in terms of volunteering ) were.....

Since 2008 I have put a ton of time and energy into helping create a future without breast cancer. Nothing has been more worth while for me, then at the 2011 Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series, when my husband and I were able to help an incredibly brave and wonderful man named Adam Warner complete a goal on the list of his late wife Meghan's life goals, ( to Snowshoe ).

I was also nominated for two awards for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Volunteer Awards, then in the fall I found out that our local MP Dr. Kellie Leitch nominated me for the Prime Ministers Volunteer Awards ( Spring of 2012 ) and a couple weeks ago I received a visit from Shelley Fuhre the Executive Assistant to Town of Collingwood Mayor Sandra Cooper to deliver a letter letting me know that I am being bestowed with the 'Order of Collingwood'.
It is incredibly honouring to be recognized, ( it is not why I do it. But an honour just the same. )

Another HUGE highlight for me personally was on October 2nd, the day of the Run for the Cure. To be able to stand on the stage and let all the participants in Collingwood know that together our small ( but very mighty ) run site had reached ONE MILLION dollars raised in just 7 short years! INCREDIBLE! Something that everyone should be extremely proud of!

It is always a highlight for me to once again be reminded how incredible my Run for the Cure committee is. I thank Jason, Michele, Michelle, Todd, Steph, Jenn, Barb, David and Avalon for all the time they as fellow volunteers commit to the Run for the Cure and of course a huge thank you to our Honourary Chair this year, Scott Thornton.

Now looking ahead to 2012 an another exciting year. Let's get it started the right way! In just 20 days from now we can all come together and stomp out breast cancer at the 2012 Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series! Register to stomp, or come and volunteer! *Volunteers are still needed....

May you trust in your dreams enough this year to know that anything and everything is possible! And why not make a plan today for the days each month when you will take a little time to SQUEEZE YOUR lemons !

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