Monday, January 9, 2012

What an Honour!

Terry Geddes and I, taken after the presentation.

I have mentioned before that, as volunteers we don't do what we do to be recognized for it, we do it because we are passionate about whatever it is that we are volunteering for, but that being said, when someone does recognize all your efforts, it is an incredible honour. Yesterday, I was bestowed with the Order of Collingwood, one of 5 recipients from the Town of Collingwood to receive this incredible honour.

"Annually the Town of Collingwood honours those who through their volunteer efforts enrich the social, cultural and/or recreational conditions by bestowing upon them The Order of Collingwood"

As one of the youngest to ever receive The Order of Collingwood. I am truly beyond words honoured. I send my congratulations once again to the other 4 recipients,Catherine Campbell, Barbara Fawcett, Penny Skelton and Terry Geddes. As well the 3 recipients who received the Companion to the Order of Collingwood, Charles Tatham, Dunc Hawkins, and Paul Hurst.

For me personally yesterday was even a little extra special, to receive the Order of Collingwood alongside Terry Geddes. Most people will know him as the former Mayor of Collingwood, I have known him as Mr. Geddes for most of my life. He was my principal from Kindergarten to grade 8. I have a great deal of respect for him, I always have, so to not only be honoured yesterday, but to also be honoured alongside someone who I have so greatly respected was for me, even that much more special.

I thank Mayor Sandra Cooper, CAO Kim Wingrove as well as all the members of Council.
For this incredible honour!

I have now said the words, "incredible" and "honour" quite a few times in this post, but really, I don't know that there is any other way to describe it.

Don't forget, knowing your body could just save your life! Take a little time to squeeze your lemons !

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  1. Pfft! It's all politics, leave it to the world leaders! I won't be trivial, I deliberately chose something that's not literally lemons, "know your dereliction of a thing" is "knowing your lemons", as in a lemon (a derelict product), the ice ain't melting in woop woop. This isn't news, damn it! We need action in the news, we need not intruding in people's business. I saw myself on the news once, I was an extra, I put myself there. Pay= zero! Boss= none! Work=none! Bloody hell, here's the juice: it's the news and the "reality" is global warming, and anti-Cokies these days, damn! I have annihilated that, try making some more honourable and uglier reports on serious issues like endangered species, the environment, famines, etc etc, this should be what your viewer wants, and try not to lie, make it cogent, important, and cutting edge!