Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sending our very best....

Shortly after I took over the role of Volunteer Run Director for the Collingwood Run for the Cure Site, I came to know Joanne. Joanne Fraraccio has been my 'go to girl' at the
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Ontario Region for the past few years!
It is with mixed emotions that tomorrow comes!!
Joanne is moving on from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to embark on a new path.
I know Joanne will have great success in whatever she takes on, and on behalf of the Collingwood Run Committee & all the many participants at the Collingwood Run for the Cure site that Joanne has helped over the past few years, we wish you all the very best Jo!
Will miss having you as our run site lead! It has been an honour to work along side you for the past few years to ensure that the Collingwood Run site has successful runs year after year!
Best wishes Jo! xx

New month, remember to pick a date a SQUEEZE your lemons !

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