Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiny Devotions

Sacred. That's the first word that comes to Diana's mind when she thinks of mala beads.

Diana Charabin is the owner of Tiny Devotions a Canadian based company that hand makes mala beads and a company that I have over the last month fallen head over heels in love with. I could share with you a longer story of how I stumbled upon this incredible company, but I will skip the story and just share with you Diana's own words from when we met 'the universe aligned' and that it did...

I had the pleasure of a personal visit from Diana where we sat in my kitchen and chatted for a couple hours between one of my dogs wanting her attention, and my daughters playing around. Diana is a gorgeous person she has an incredible spirit and outlook on life.

If you don't already know you are probably wondering what Mala beads are....
Let me introduce you to Diana....

I did a little Q & A with Diana about her mala beads.... You can find answers to more questions on the Tiny Devotions website along with more video's on how to take care of your mala's, etc.

Do you have to be into yoga & meditation to wear Mala beads?

Absolutely not. Mala beads are for everyone, although yogis are instantly drawn to mala beads, I have found that a lot of people no yet into yoga are also drawn to their energies. My hope is that owning mala beads may inspire them to create a yoga and or meditation practice in the future!

How do I choose which Mala bead is right for me?

Check out this post: http://www.lovetinydevotions.com/blog/how-to-choose-mala-beads/ I always saw follow your intention and your first instinct.

Do you think that we choose our mala or our mala chooses us?

I think we choose every aspect of our life... but I also believe in destiny... so perhaps a combination of the two ;)

Which Mala beads are the most popular?

All of them are really popular but are most popular at the moment is the turquoise ocean mala and the white jade highest potential mala.

So you have a favourite mala?

My favourites chance depending on the day, but I most often wear Black onxy - Strength.

How did you come up with the design for your Mala beads?

Every mala is a jorney, dreaming up the combination of stones and intentions. It's a magical process - sometimes its instant while others times it requires a lot of thinking, feeling and meditating.

I'm sure you have people tell you about many amazing experiences that they have had since purchasing your Mala's can you share the most amazing thing you have been told?

The coolest story was when a girl in Switzerland received a rose quartz mala from one of her friends. She had been trying to conceive for some time and was having a lot of problems. Rose quartz - although known for love can also be a good stone for infertility. This lovely lady called me from Switzerland crying telling me that she had become pregnant. It was a magical feeling.

I am incredibly excited to tell you that I received a package in the mail from Tiny Devotions today containing the Gorgeous Kiwi Jasper Mala pictured above. The Kiwi Jasper Mala - Cleanse and align Chakras. This mala facilitates shamanic journeys and recalls dreams. It absorbs negative energy and give protection, it will cleanse and align chakras and aura which in turn balance yin and yang.
A HUGE thank you to Diana ( Tiny Devotions ) for so generously donating this giveaway....

Visit the Freshly Squeezed facebook page for details on how you can win this gorgeous Mala bead...

Who knows why we are so drawn to certain things. Over the last month or so, I have become very interested in what we can do ourselves in our own lives to help possibly prevent illnesses and disease. Maybe that is why I am so drawn to these Mala beads, besides their beauty, they bring me a sense of calm and they remind me to take some time each day for me, even if just 5 mins.

I actually also have something very exciting in the works that ties in with my new found interest, I hope to be able to bring to light and share soon.....

I will leave you with this.... Check out Tiny Devotions, I think everyone should have their very own mala.... ( as I said, I have fallen head over heels for this company, so I may own a few now...)

It's important to take time to know yourself and your body, don't forget to Squeeze your lemons .....

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  1. Please add me in to win the mala, I am not on Facebook, sorry.
    I would love to win a mala b/c I think they are beautiful and carry a lot of power. I am from NC and now live in Ontario, Canada. My mother was diagnosed just before Christmas w/ breast cancer. I was diagnosed around the same time w/ a molar pregnancy. I was not able to be w/ her when she had her mastectomy b/c I had to be here doing weekly blood draws b/c of my condition (molar preg can turn in to cancer, so have to be checked constantly). I finally got to see her in NC this week and it was amazing. I want this necklace to keep grounded and strong.