Monday, August 23, 2010

12 Things you can do to support the health of your lemons from Dr. Shelby Worts ND....

Local Nathuropathic Doctor Shelby Worts shares with us ......

12 Things you can do to support the health of your lemons:
Consume a diet rich in dark green leafy and other colourful vegetables, fibre, legumes, and whole grains
Minimize your intake of dairy and red meat
Avoid simple sugars, alcohol and caffeine
Choose organically-grown products
Consume protein sources from fish, seafood, nuts and legumes (incl. soy products) in moderation
Take time each day to address your needs
Reduce your exposure to estrogens; Eg. birth-control pill, hormone-replacement therapy, excess fat (in foods and as body tissue) and soft plastics
Choose glass storage containers over plastic and never microwave plastics; containers nor wrap
Wear a bra only when you absolutely have to; use underwire only if essential
Develop assertiveness and release anger & deep resentment
Perform a regular breast self-examination; begin at home after an exam by your doctor when you know your breasts are healthy. Explore the breast tissue with your fingers (as instructed by your doctor) and simply become familiar with how healthy tissues feel. Following this approach you will soon be comfortable with the regular investigation (weekly; monthly at the least) and able to detect any abnormality, should it arise. The shower is a great place to perform your exam as the water provides a low-friction surface for your fingers to slide over your skin.
Regular, pleasurable exercise; make time for play!
Did you know? Elevated insulin (a hormone secreted by your pancreas in response to dietary sugars) is a greater risk factor for breast cancer than elevated estrogens. Eating a diet low in simple sugars and rich in complex carbohydrates (vegetables, whole grains, fibre) can help stabilize your blood sugar and decrease the demand for insulin.
If you suspect that you may have breast cancer be sure to contact your medical or naturopathic doctor as soon as possible.
Squeeze your lemons!
Dr. Shelby Worts, BSc, ND , Naturopathic Doctor , 115 Hurontario St, Suite 200 , Collingwood, ON L9Y 2L9
t: 705.444.8300

Thanks to Shelby for sharing this with us...

You heard it from Shelby as well, SQUEEZE THOSE lemons!

( Photo of Shelby was done by Isis Photography )

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