Monday, September 26, 2011

Truly Honoured

I am TRULY honoured. As volunteers we don't do what we do to be recognized, we do it because we are passionate about whatever we are volunteering for. That being said, when someone does recognize you, it is a great honour and this morning I was extremely honoured to receive this video from Dr. Kellie Leitch, MP for Simcoe-Grey.
To be mentioned / thanked by Dr. Leitch during a House of Commons, well I am beyond honoured.

Thank you Dr. Leitch, and thank you for all the you are doing to raise awareness for breast cancer and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Don't forget, it doesn't take that long, squeeze your lemons ! Knowing your body can safe your life!


  1. You have a really great blog! So inspirational! Following you on here and Twitter :)