Monday, June 20, 2011

My number 1 Reasons....

Photo taken by Isis Photography @ the 2010 Run for the Cure
They have been my #1 reason for helping create a future without breast cancer.

2005 was when I first heard about the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. That was the year that Collingwood became an official run site and having lost my father to cancer 2 years earlier I was wanting to find a way to get involved in the fight against cancer! I wanted to help make it so that no other child had to lose a parent to cancer. Having one daughter at the time, I thought this was the perfect way to start giving back, so I created a team. It was such a great experience that we did it again the following year, and the year after that, and so on...
( 2006 was a little different, as just 4 weeks before the walk/run my husband and I had our second daughter, even more of a reason now to want a future without breast cancer. )

2008 was the first year my husband took the girls for the 5 km walk on his own. That was the year I took over as the Volunteer Run Director for our Collingwood site. The Run for the Cure has become a huge part of our lives and our daughters lives.... Here's a little look back at my girls Run for the Cure experiences! Together these two amazing little girls have raised thousands of dollars for a future without breast cancer!

As the girls said, you can "Click to donate"....

This is a big year for our Collingwood Run Site, come Sunday October 2nd I have no doubt that we will be celebrating ONE MILLION dollars raised in just 7 short years! I am extremely proud to be part of that huge accomplishment and even prouder of my girls!

It's important to know if something doesn't feel right, the only way to do that is to squeeze your lemons !


  1. You seem to be doing an amazing job. Breast cancer, unfortunately, has become very near and dear to me. I've written in before to win the malas. In Jan after being told I was having a molar pregnancy, my mother was told she had breast cancer and had a mastectomy. I just realized you are the one who writes in to Tiny Devotions. You have a lot of malas? Why? I think it is great. I have a kiwi jasper that got me through the last few months. I was looking at getting the citrine, but now really like the transformation you pictured today. Sorry so long, I follow you now on twitter, so hopefully I'll be kept up to date.

  2. Yes that would be me who has posted a bunch of pictures of the mala's on the Tiny Devotions page. I do have quite a few of them :) I am drawn to the Mala's... I have as mentioned in my blog post about them, fallen in love with them. I wear all of them, not at the same time. At the moment am loving the Transformation Mala. I have also purchased and given a few away as gifts. I can't really tell you why I am so drawn to them, I just am, I love their intentions, their beauty, everything.
    All the best Suzanne, and I did put your name in the draw for the Mala.

  3. I know. I only asked b/c I am very drawn to them as well. I keep seeing your pics of the transformation mala and I am kicking myself for not getting it. I LOVE it and all your pics are absolutely amazing. Great job and if you come across another transformation, let me know.