Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Even the Cast & Crew of a hit TV show are shouting it! SQUEEZE YOUR LEMONS!!!

I have been chatting with these two truly AMAZING people from most of the summer. I can not tell you how truly excited I am to share this with you, and I can't thank them enough for doing this for me! While we have had a few issue in being able to download and post this video, it is all good now! I am beyond excited to share with all of you.....

Two of the Stars of the hit TV show One Tree Hill..... Austin Nichols & Sophia Bush!

You can also CLICK HERE to see this AMAZING shout out to our Collingwood Run Site on Sophia's blog!

Austin & Sophia have not only done this video for me showing support for this great cause, but they are also raising a ton of money for the Gulf by creating their own fundraisers. So Please check out their Crowdrise pages where they are raising money for Run for the Gulf, Austin & Sophia are running a Half Marathon in November!

Thanks so much guys! You are truly truly amazing!
Follow Austin & Sophia on Twitter as well!

Now you have heard it from the Cast & Crew of One Tree Hill people! SQUEEZE YOUR lemons!!!!!

If you wish to register for the run or find out more information about the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation visit the website HERE!


  1. I love this initiative, you're wonderful you and Nichols, keep so do not ever change.

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